Steven Lee

  • Director of Strategic Investing
  • Bay Area

Steven Lee joined Bain Capital Ventures in 2019 as our director of strategic investing. He invests in consumer, enterprise software, and infrastructure companies in addition to leading the firm's data-driven investing efforts.

Steven joined Bain Capital Ventures in 2019. He is based in San Francisco and invests in consumer, enterprise software and infrastructure companies. Steven also leads the fund’s data-driven investing efforts.

Before joining Bain Capital Ventures, Steven was one of Twitter’s first employees focused on monetization analytics. During his four years on Twitter’s global market insight & analytics team, he helped the group grow to over 45 people covering 11 countries. Steven partnered with over 15 Fortune Global 500 companies like LG and Samsung to analyze and optimize return on investment. He also worked on measuring Twitter’s platform usage for key real‐time events like the Super Bowl and World Cup.

Steven was also on the investment team at Correlation Ventures, a leading data-driven venture capital fund in San Francisco. He sourced and led 12 investments during his tenure at Correlation Ventures, including two unannounced companies with Bain Capital Ventures.


  • New York University 4 years
  • Twitter 4 years
  • Correlation Ventures 2 years
  • Bain Capital Ventures 2 years

Portfolio Companies