Nishant Karandikar

  • Investor
  • Bay Area

Nishant focuses on infrastructure software and cybersecurity at Bain Capital Ventures, helping exceptional technologists turn differential insights into enduring companies.

At Bain Capital Ventures, Nishant works with entrepreneurs building the future of infrastructure software and cybersecurity. Previously a product manager (and onetime unsuccessful founder), Nishant is excited to partner with creative engineers & designers to achieve product-market fit and go-to-market fit ­– especially in the earliest days of technical development.

Prior to joining Bain Capital Ventures, Nishant worked with brilliant teams at Twitter and Abnormal Security to ship infrastructure and security products. He also incubated a startup at Lightspeed Ventures and developed software at Tesla, Singtel, and Intel.

Nishant studied computational statistics and management science at Stanford, where he was a DFJ Entrepreneurial Leadership Fellow. Outside of his coursework, he taught computer science, led a social impact design group, and performed in student theater.

Originally from the verdant Pacific Northwest, Nishant keeps outdoors as much as he can – underwater, in skis, and on the court. He’d be just as happy meeting you for a hike as for a coffee.