Kevin Zhang

  • Principal
  • Bay Area

Kevin focuses on investments in business software, services and marketplaces. Additionally, he contributes to the fund’s emerging practices in autonomy, mobility, cryptocurrency, and gaming.

Kevin also supports the Bain Capital Ventures portfolio, with particular focus on industrial, autonomy, and artificial intelligence/machine learning-enabled technology. He serves as a board member for Idelic, as well as a board observer for Ike, Vention and Homebase. Additionally, Kevin works closely with several seed-stage investments, including Lumina and Shelf Engine.

Originally from Edison, New Jersey, Kevin earned a Bachelor of Arts in economics-political science from Columbia University, where he led the Columbia Organization of Rising Entrepreneurs to win the Zvi Galil Award for positive impact on engineering student life. Kevin serves on the young alumni association, the Young Leaders Council, and is an advisor to student groups like Blockchain at Columbia.

Kevin is an ENFP. He enjoys badminton, hot pot, a solid board game (Splendor) and exploring America. His phone and wireless earbuds have their network IDs set as “Tar Valon” and “Vilya”, respectively.