Salil Deshpande

Managing Director, Palo Alto


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Salil focuses on infrastructure software and open source, and has invested $150M into 35 companies over 9 years, mostly early, including BCV companies Typesafe (the Scala language; Akka and Play frameworks for Java), Redis Labs (the Redis NoSQL database), Hazelcast (in-memory computing for Java), Aria Systems (ERP for recurring revenue businesses), (lambda architectures), Cascading (application performance management), ZeroTurnaround (faster Java redeployments), Tealium (marketing data infrastructure), APImetrics (API testing and performance management), Frame (better Citrix), and Dynatrace (application performance management). Prior to BCV Salil spent seven years as General Partner at Bay Partners.

Outside of BCV he has invested in Buddy Media (social media marketing platform; acquired by, SpringSource (open source; acquired by VMware), Engine Yard (open source, PaaS), MuleSoft (open source, cloud and enterprise integration), Lending Club (peer to peer lending), G2One (open source, Groovy, Grails; acquired by SpringSource), Sonatype (open source, software component management), Jambool (virtual currencies for social graphs; acquired by Google), FantasyBook (fantasy sports apps on Facebook; acquired by Citizen Sports, now part of Yahoo), Dropcam (webcams with cloud DVR; acquired by Google), Vaxart (oral vaccine platform), Philz Coffee (handcrafted cups of love) and Datastax (the Cassandra NoSQL database). Salil also inherited Tealeaf (customer experience management; acquired by IBM) and served on its board for three years prior to its acquisition by IBM.

After a BS in Electrical Engineering from Cornell University and MS in Electrical Engineering Stanford University Salil worked for Sun Microsystems on CORBA, taught summer courses at Stanford University, and started three companies. Salil loves playing sports (both real and fantasy) with his teenage son and enjoys the challenge of convincing his teenage daughter that he’s still cool and relevant.

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