Why Us? Because we’ve built our company to deliver on what matters most to your company.


Our networks and relationships across our hundreds of employees within Bain Capital and our hundreds of portfolio companies throughout the world gives us an unparalleled ability to make potential customer introductions, create partnership opportunities and assist in helping find the right executives to help grow our companies. Let us connect you to the best in your industry.



An investor not only needs the skills to add value, he / she needs to dedicate the time to do the work. Bain Capital Ventures has over 30 investment team members who have been deployed to do anything from assisting with M&A, closing BD deals, or serving as temporary CFO (just to name a few). In addition to our investment team, we have a dedicated operating group (made up of former CEOs) who are 100% committed to partnering with management and solving key issues.


Working hard for our companies is ingrained into our 27 year history and is strengthened by the financial alignment that exists between us and our companies. The Bain Capital investment team, taken as a group, is larger than any outside investor in our funds. With a double digit percentage of our funds’ invested capital being our own money, it’s not hard for us to take the perspective of the management teams and entrepreneurs we back – we are in the same boat. 


Our team’s previous experience as entrepreneurs, strategy consultants and business operators allows for a unique approach in helping executive teams develop strategies, go-to-market initiatives, and overall execution. Our market-oriented approach to understanding businesses coupled with real world experience allows us to be practical thought partners in the board room, leading to better partnerships and better outcomes. Call any of our portfolio company CEO’s and ask them about our commitment to their success.